AD Compliance Report 

The AD Compliance Report is designed to be printed from your Browser and then completed by hand (or typewriter).
A later version will allow all of the data to entered "on-screen" and then printed. See Large Propeller Demo Data.

Select a Prop Manufacturer, then a Model and display the AD Summary. Near the upper left of the AD Summary is a Button labeled "Display Compliance Report". Click on that Button to display the AD List in Compliance Report format. Both the AD Summary and the AD Compliance Report can be printed using your Browser's Print function; File | Print or the Print icon. 

We can only test the output on a limited number of printers; HP LaserJet 3/4 and some other Page Printers. Our concern is that the appearance of the printed output may be "Printer Dependent" and , to some extent, "Browser Dependent". The page layout looks good on the printers to which we have access, using both Netscape Navigator and MS-Internet Explorer.
Page Margins should be set to "0.50" on both right and left (on some printers "0.45" is required).
The possible problems are: