View or Download Data Files

Most Type Certificate Data Sheet files are sorted in PDF. This format allows graphics and special formatting use in TC files to be stored in a file of reasonable size.

Other Data Files, specifically ADs, are stored in enhanced Rich Text Format (RTF). Once downloaded, the files can be displayed in any RTF Viewer/Editor; the most common of which is Microsoft Word for Windows. RTF was chosen for a number of reasons, not the least of which was file size: RTF files are typically less than half the size of DOC files (faster download and display). The data files were edited and formatted in MS-Word 6.0, therefore, they will display most consistently in Word 6.x or 7.x.

When you select a file to view or download, the popular Browsers with handle the request somewhat differently:

If you have a copy of MS-Word on your computer and your Browser is aware of it:

If you have a copy of MS-Word installed on your computer and your Browser is NOT aware of it: You should create the file-type relationship in General Preference in Netscape or create an association in Folder Options in Internet Explorer.

If you do not have a copy of MS-Word: You can use other Word Processors that read RTF (e.g. Word Perfect, etc.), however, they do not always interpret the Tags correctly and, although the data will be correct, the format may not be perfect.

Once displayed, in either your Browser or MS-Word, you can use the Cut & Paste features of Windows to extract sections for inclusion in Log Books or other reports.