View or Download Data Files
There are two ways to view the text files in this System.
  1. Download and Display the file:
    1. Create a "Holding Directory" on your hard disk.
    2. Download the text file with your Browser to the holding directory.
    3. Open the file in MS-Word for Windows or any other Viewer/Editor with RTF capability.

  2. Display from you Browser:
    1. Configure your Browser to use an RTF capable application to display the text file.
    2. Select an Application such as MS-Word for Windows.
    3. Create a Netscape Relationship or an Internet Explorer Association for the RTF file extension.
    4. Select the desired text file with your Browser.
    5. While the file is downloaded to a Temporary Directory on your disk, MS-Word will be launched.
    6. The text file is then immediately displayed in MS-Word (or other application) while your Browser remains active.
    7. Once displayed, the text file can be routinely saved ("Save As") from the Viewer/Editor (MS-Word).

If you have any questions about, or difficulty with, this process:
Call us at 800-952-8844.