The Aviation DataBase® and The Repair Station Toolbox provide three major services.

The Aviation DataBase®
is a Complete, Full Service, Internet Based
Aviation Regulatory Library that includes:

  • All Large & Small Aircraft ADs
  • Over 40,000 AD related SBs
  • Over 3,700 Advisory Circulars
  • All Type Certificate Data Sheets
  • Access to all Current FARs
  • Over 39,000 STC records
  • FAA Orders, TSOs & MMELs
  • A usable FSIMS database
  • Updated daily - No CDs to loose
  • The list goes on........

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The Aviation DataBase ®


The Repair Station Toolbox
Solves a marjor problem for FAA Certified Repair Stations.
Traditional Aviation Regulatory Libraries are designed to find ADs on Aircraft by Make and Model. Many Repair Stations only have a Part with a Part No. with which to work.

Any good Text Search Engine can search all the AD document files for the Part No. --Really ?!?! Suppose the AD says; "applies to P/Ns 200 through 300", and you have P/N 250 on your bench.
If you search for "250", it won't find that AD !!

We solved that problem by reading over 16,000 ADs (we had some help form several computers) and created an external database with over 48,000 records; one for each P/N referenced, in any way, in an AD. If an AD is involved, our P/N search will find it.

Now suppose you have a list of P/Ns, a few to several hundred; you can paste that list into a text box and with one click of a mouse, search for ADs on the entire list in a few seconds.

We're not done. You can do the same thing with our SUP database. Search all the know Suspected Unapproved Parts to see if your P/Ns ever came under scrutiny by the FAA. If you get a 'hit', it doesn't mean you have a bad part, you just have to check its history.

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The Aviation DataBase ®

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Aviation Regulatory Library
Airworthiness Directives - Type Certificates - Advisory Circulars


The PMA Search System
is part of The Repair Station Toolbox.

Once we got involved with Aircraft Parts, a PMA System was a logical next step. Our PMA Search System has over 730,000 records and is searchable 7 different ways.

Its primary use is to find an approved alternate source of supply for parts that you need. Finding just one could save you enough to pay for this service several times.

The PMA Search System is also linked to the Part No. Search so you can quickly find lower cost alternatives.

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