Frequently Asked Questions


No matter how many times we explain it:
We still get the same questions!

The problem is that the FAA, ATP and other "me to" data providers have ‘brain washed' everyone into believing that ADs are issued every two weeks by the FAA, called a Bi-Weekly, and that you must subscribe to a distribution service AND pay an annual subscription fee to keep your data current. Such a current library of ADs, TCs and FARs, etc. is required by law for IAs to legally do aircraft inspections, however, it does NOT have to be distributed data. By the way, the FAA does not issue ADs every two weeks: The Department of Transportation issues ADs and Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, and they do it EVERY business day.

Q1: Is this a CD-ROM service?

A1: NO! CD-ROMs and other distributed data, such as microfiche, diskettes and paper, are mailed to you ever 2 weeks. That makes the data 4 to 6 weeks old when you receive it and adds the cost of that distribution to your annual subscription fee. We are almost into the 21st Century! 4 to 6 week old data just MAKES NO SENSE!

Q2: Why not use CD-ROM?

A2: CD-ROMs are great for static data (i.e. the dictionary, a cook book, software distribution, etc.) They are not very good for dynamic data (i.e. the weather; changes every moment, ADs; that are issued every business day by the DOT).

Q3: How often do I receive updates?

A3: You don't receive any up-dates. The central data base is maintained in Denver and we up-date it daily.
You always have access to data that is current as of "last night".

Q4: How much is the Annual Subscription Fee?

A4: THERE IS NO ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION FEE!! At first, you are NOT buying data; you are buying software. The software provides you access to the data. Then, with the software, you are buying data at 50 cents per minute.

Q5: Is this an On-Line (i.e. Bulletin Board) Service?

A5: YES, it is "On-Line" is the sense that your computer makes a phone call to our computer; modem-to-modem.
NO; it is NOT a Bulletin Board! Bulletin Boards are even more antiquated than CD-ROMs. Bulletins Boards allow you to use generic communications software (ProComm, etc.). In return for that convenience, you are required to log-on first and remain interactive throughout the entire session: That method is very expensive and consumes resources. With our System you buy unique communications software that allows you to do most of the work "Off-Line". You connect only when you actually need to get data. It is very fast and it saves a lot of money.

Q6: OK, so now I get it. I buy the software once (no annual renewal fee) and then pay 50 cents per min. to get current data.
How fast does that add up??

A6: Not very fast. However, it depends on how many different airplanes you work on. Using a simple example: You see a Baron for the first time. It will cost about $5 to $6 to get the AD and TC data that you need. If you see a similar Baron next month: It will cost 50 cents to get a current AD summary, or listing of ADs . If there are no new ADs, you're done -- 50 cents -- that's it! If the first Baron returns next year for its Annual: You spent the 50 cents for a current AD summary and say you find one new AD, so another 50 cents for the new AD; now you've spent a whole dollar! During the first year you should plan on $5 to $6 for each unique aircraft that you see. Then, in the second and subsequent years, your average will be about $1 to $2 per aircraft activity. If you do 20 different (make/model) airplanes per year, the first year will cost about $100 and the second year will cost about $30 for data that is current as of ‘last night'.

Q7: What kind of computer do I need to make the software work?

A7: You will need a 386 or better IBM compatible computer with at least a 14,400 bps modem (we currently support up to 33,600 bps) and VGA or better monitor. It requites DOS 3.0 or later, and will operate with Windows 3.x or Windows 95. An Internet Service Provider is not required; communications is direct modem-to-modem.

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