Marketing Equals Business

The Aviation DataBase Will Help You Profit in the Aviation World


Do you have something to sell?

Generally, unless you are very fortunate, customers do not come knocking at your door asking what services are available, how your business or product will benefit them and what makes your place better than the one across the airport, city or state! How are you to get your business and ideals recognized by the thousands of potential customers in the United States?


Questions, Questions, Questions

Direct mail is still the best method of advertising. But how do you slice the aviation community to meet your specific marketing needs, how large or small of a geographic area do you want to cover, are you interested in pilots, aircraft, owners, airport managers or airport owners . Where are you going to get all of this information, how much will it cost and how long will it take? In the past you would have to hire a list broker or contractor to pull this information together for you, which is neither cost effective or timely.

The Aviation DataBase will answer all of the above questions at a fraction of the cost of a list broker, at your convenience, in the comfort of your office. We have Aircraft Owner, Pilot, Airport Manager and Airport Owner information that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - JUST WHEN YOU NEED IT!! And you can change your mind, add or delete zip codes, states, aircraft, etc. before printing letters or labels.


Ready, Set, GO....

Imagine being able to create list that meet your specification on your computer, any time you want.


 Aircraft Registration                 Pilot Directory  
 (Aircraft Owners)                                                      
        Select by                        Select by          

Aircraft Type                             5 Digit Zip Code Range                   
Aircraft Make                             5 Digit Zip Code List                        
Aircraft Model                            3 Digit Zip Code List                   
Year of Manufacture                                                                                 
Activity(new and sold)                                                                               
Geographic Area                                                                                        
     by State                                                                                                     
     by County                                                                                        
     by 3 Digit Zip Code                                                                              
     by 5 Digit Zip Code                                                                            

AFTER you have defined the search parameters using the distributed menu system, pressing one key will initialize your modems, connect to the Host Network at Aviation DataSource and deliver to you a list matching the selected criteria. Each record will contain the name, address and additional information that you may find useful for your marketing, such as engine type on the aircraft, fuel consumption, last date of activity (FAA), pilot rating and classes, etc.

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