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Computer and Hardware Issues:

Screen Resolution: Modern Personal Computer systems all have VGA (or Super VGA) monitors; first introduced by IBM in 1988. Standard VGA resolution is 640 by 480 screen pixels. SVGA starts at 800 by 600 and goes up from there. A lot of Systems were sold with Windows 3.x and standard VGA monitors.

The language of the Web, HTML; is not a very efficient user of screen space. Therefore, many Web designers use 800 by 600 in order to get more data on a screen and provide a better looking presentation. You will see lots of, "This Site best viewed at 800 by 600 resolution" on the Web. The problem, however, is that there are still a lot of users who are limited to 640 by 480. When a Web Page designed for 800 by 600 display is viewed at 640 by 480, the data can be read, however, it is either "scrnched-up" or the horizontal scroll-bar is required to view the right quarter of the page.

Our original Web Sites, the ones with clouds; were all designed at 800 by 600. We have just finished a total redesign -- no clouds; using a popular design concept that fills the screen at 640 by 480 and still looks good at 800 by 600. In addition, this approach uses a "left-side-bar" for navigation, where it can always be seen. Some of the Pages may still show signs of the original 800 by 600 format.

On a slightly different subject: We are not great fans of Frames or 'slow-loading' graphics, therefore, we don't use them.

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