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The Aviation Regulatory Library System
Aviation DataSource, Inc.

This System is an Internet Based, Single Source Electronic Aviation Regulatory Library DataBase

It includes all of the data files shown at the left, specifically:

  • All Airworthiness Directives (large and small Aircraft)
    (Includes all Airframe, Engine, Propeller & Applainces)
  • All Type Certificate Data Sheets (large and small Aircraft)
    (Includes all Airframe, Engine, Propeller)
  • All Federal Aviation Regulations plus CARs & JARs.
  • All Maintenance related Advisory Circulars plus many others
  • Most Service Bulletins that are AD related.

System Features include:

  • A high-speed search for ADs on any aircraft Make/Model
  • AD Compliance Report
  • Data files are updated daily
  • This System meeds all FAA requirements for IAs, DARs and Repair Stations to have access to current Regulatory Data.

There are over 350,000 files in the System and, therefore, some are available by request -- If you don't see what you need - Ask for it.

Aviation DataSource, Inc.
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