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Airworthiness Directives
The AD ReSource System

The AD ReSource System is the key component of The Regulatory Library.  It is designed to replace older forms of paper, microfiche and CD-ROM Regulatory IA Libraries.  The data is indexed to allow a complete AD search to be set up in a minute or two and then the resulting AD Summary produced in a few seconds.

Updated:  Daily

Content:  All ADs from 1941 to "last night" for Large and Small Aircraft, Engines, Propellers and Appliances. ADs with graphics and Service Bulletins can be found in AD Cross Reference Indexes and the Manufacturer's Service Information Indexes.


  1. Make\Model of Aircraft, Engine, Propeller and Appliance;
  2. ADs and NPRMs by number.

Common Uses:

  1. AD Search on any Aircraft or Component;
  2. Display, Search and Print AD and Service Bulletin text;
  3. Display and Print AD and SB graphics;
  4. Find ADs and NPRMs by number.

FAA Requirements:  This System meets all FAA requirements for IAs and Certified Repair Stations to have access to Current Airworthiness Directives.

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