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If you are in the aircraft maintenance business, there are two basic services of interest; they both replace the traditional Regulatory Library (Paper, Microfiche, CD-ROM) with centralized, electronic DataBases that are updated daily.

  1. Call 800-952-8844 or use our mail-in form;
    Internet Service: $699.00 per year. (unlimited access)
    (A complete Regulatory Library all in one place.)
  2. The Aviation DataBase® with the Repair Station Toolbox
    Includes PMA and SUP searches. $899.00 per year.

  3. Single Aircraft AD Summaries.
    A) AD Summary only (list of applicable AC, Eng. & Prop ADs)
    $29.95 per search

    B) Single Aircraft AD Search for AC, Engine & Prop
    Complete Data Package $59.00 per search

    Search results will be E-Mailed within 48 hours of payment conformation.

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