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Supplemental Type Certificates

The Supplemental Type Certificate database contains data on over 23,000 STC Holders.{DataBase access is Under Construction}

This and the PMA Holder List are the only parts of The Aviation DataBase where we allow product advertising and it is one of the few databases that will be accessible without a Password:  Why??   Because it makes sense.  You want to find an STC and the STC Holder is anxious to be found and get the opportunity to tell you about his product.

Updated:  Monthly

Content:  Aircraft Make and Model, STC Description, TC Number, STC Number and STC Holder.


  1. Aircraft Make and Model
  2. TC Number
  3. STC Number
  4. STC Holder.

Common Uses:

  1. Determine the existence of an STC
  2. Find the STC Holder's Name and Address.

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