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Suspected Unapproved Parts

Several years while we were making some improvements to our PMA System we realized that anyone who deals with PMA Parts will necessarily be interested in Suspected Unapproved parts -- counterfeit parts, typically made overseas and moved into the distribution system illegally.

That lead to a question of the FAA; Where is the centralized list of SUPs ??? The answer didn't really surprise us.

They said; "There isn't one!!" -- Really ?!?!

Well -- There is now ! and has been since early 2010.
And, it now contains over 61,000 records.

It seems that the FAA never thought that a centralized DB was necessary. They publish the list of SUPs in Notices as they are discovered and then to find a part number, you have to read several hundred Notices.

With our System you can enter one P/N or paste in a list of P/Ns and check them aginst the DB of over 61,000 SUPs in seconds.

The next part is sometimes hard to understand; you don't want to be successful. You want ZERO hits. "Looking" is called Due Diligence. Its like Life Insurance -- you don't want to die, but if you do, there is a plan. In this case, if you get a hit, it is not necessarily a counterfeit part. You just need to check its source and paper trail -
Due Diligence again. Use those words to your attorneys and see what they say.

Even if a counterfeit part slips into your inventory, if you have used every available resource to detect them, the FAA will observe that you have "made an effort" - and is better that nothing !!

We have the only centralized DataBase of over 61,000 SUPs and its easy to use.

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