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The Aviation Regulatory ReSource System
Aviation DataSource, Inc.

First our Philosophy:

  • We treat the Internet is a tool, not a toy. Therefore, we dispense with most of the frills and graphic "Eye Candy" found on some web sites that seem to take forever to download and display. We include graphics in data files when they are part of the original document. We really believe that: Time is money.

  • The Paper - Microfiche - CD-ROM evolution of data distribution all share the same bad traits of 'distributed data': There is a Bi-Weekly data 'Cut-Off', after which the data is converted, reformatted and mailed. It arrives two-to-six weeks old. With both our On-Line service and this Internet service, the DataBases are updated daily. The data is always current within 24 to 48 hours.

Intended Use:

  • The Aviation DataBase and its components in The Aviation Regulatory ReSource System are intended to meet the needs of Aviation Maintenance Professionals, Consultants and Designated Representatives of the FAA. To that end, they contain all the legally required data (Current ADs, TCs, ACs & FARs) and as much other data as we can get.

  • The System is intended to be a working tool, not just a collection of data files all thrown together. Therefore, where required, the data is indexed to allow the user to ask such questions as: What are all the ADs that apply to this Engine? or What is the latest revision of this TC or that FAR?

  • There are a number of ways to store and display text files; ASCII, HTML, PDF, DOC and RTF, to name a few. We chose RTF (Rich Text Format) for several reasons, one being file size. RTF files are typically less than half the size of standard word processor files (DOC, WPD, etc.), and can, therefore, be downloaded and displayed much faster while maintaining most of the format flexibility of DOC files. Since RTF files can be displayed by most modern Windows based word processors, there is no need to have special viewer software to use the system. And the Windows Cut & Paste features can be used to extract a file or file segment to be printed or used for other purposes. Parts of an AD, TC or FAR can be 'cut' and inserted into aircraft logbooks or other reports. Recent TC and SAIB files will be displayed in PDF.

Restricted Access:

  • Access to the DataBases is restricted by Username and Password. Unlimited access cost is $499 per year.

  • Most of the data in this System is available elsewhere free. Some is not. With rare exception, the data is all 'Public Domain'. Some CD-ROM data vendors have attempted to copyright their 'format and presentation' of the data: That's interesting, but thin. The truth is: All data vendors have a large investment in data acquisition, conversion, maintenance and distribution. We are no exception. The benefit to the user is, in most cases; current, well organized, convenient and easy to use information.

  • Our subscribers have unrestricted use of the data, with only two exceptions:
    1. Resale and redistribution is prohibited, and
    2. Bulk download is prohibited (we also make that very difficult to do).

    Each subscriber is required to sign a License Agreement, agreeing to these restrictions on the use of the data.

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